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Feel free to download these great mini-books from Ian Dunbar's Dogstar Daily!

This book is simply a MUST READ for anyone thinking of getting a puppy. Puppies should be raised in an errorless housetraining and chewtoy-training set-up. This is very easy to do. Everything you need to know is described in this little book. Otherwise, if puppies are allowed to eliminate anywhere and chew anything in their kennel, that's what they'll continue to do when you bring them home. Most important, puppies must be socialized before they are three months old. Preventing fearfulness and aggression is easy and fun whereas trying to resolve adult problems is difficult, time-comsuming and not always successful.

Please download and email this book to every prospective and new puppy owner that you know in order to help spread the that Puppyhood is the Time to Rescue Adult Sheter Dogs.

Download -- Before You Get Your Puppy


This book cover housesoiling, destructive chewing, barking, separation anxiety, socialization, handling, puppy biting, bite-inhibition and preventing adolescent problems. Please download this book and email it to everyone that you know who has, or is thinking of acquiring, a new puppy. If you are a veterinarian, dog trainer, doggy daycare or shelter worker, please email this book to all of your clients and colleagues and suggest that they too email the books to all their doggy acquaintances.

Download --- After You Get Your Puppy